8 tips to getting amazing photographs on your wedding day.

8 tips to getting amazing photographs on your wedding day.

Organizing your wedding can be a very stressful ordeal. My guide is designed to help you get you one step closer to those amazing photos that you desire, but without any added stress.

Tip 1 : Make a list of important moments to capture

There are a lot of special moments to capture during your wedding. But some may be more important to you than others.
I, like many other photographers will supply you with a checklist of potential photography moments, well in advance of the wedding day.
This list will mention key moments that you wish to capture, but it will also leave space for your own special input. Maybe you have a particular friend or relative that you want photographed or included in a meaningful way. Just make sure to include all moments that are important to you and then leave the rest to the photographer.


Tip 2 : Hair and makeup

It is always a good idea for the bride to get her hair and makeup done first rather than waiting for the bridesmaids etc.
This will give you more time to relax and allow more time for preparation photos. You will feel happier and less stressed when your hair and makeup is finished. This in turn should create better photos during your preparation stage.

Tip 3 : Take first look photos

First look photos are a great way for you to feel and look natural in front of the camera. Your main focus will be on your partner while I, the photographer, will be focusing on both of your reactions. Your nervousness as you walk up, your partners anticipation waiting to see you for the first time. These emotions create beautiful photos. Not to mention a great way to break the ice and relieve some stress.
Choosing to capture the first look will also place your portrait session before the ceremony. Having the first look and the portraits over and done with before the ceremony will hopefully make you less nervous walking down the aisle, and your hair and makeup will still be perfectly fresh.


Tip 4 : Be realistic with your schedule

Things will more than likely take longer than you have scheduled. That’s just the way things happen in life. Always allow for a little extra time.
For example a lot of little interruptions can happen while you are getting your hair and makeup done. Double checking the bouquet, asking for changes to makeup etc. Ask for an estimate for the hair and makeup preparation and add 30 minutes to it. Of course you can’t add 30 minutes on to every part of your day. Just be aware that things may run over. Something a simple as bad traffic can delay things.

Tip 5 : Ignore those “tips” that tell you how to pose

Some online tips explain how to pose or stand for photos. Examples would be “hold your body at a 45 degrees” and “accentuate your arms” etc.
Ignore them. You have enough things to remember and stress about on your wedding day.
Any good professional wedding photographer will guide you through the motions if they see you are uncomfortable or a little stiff. If you can’t find a pose naturally, they should be able to help you relax and get the best out of you for any given photo.


Tip 6 : Unplugged ceremony

As you walk down the aisle your guests are going to want to take photos of you and your special moment. But from the photographers point of view, this can result in photos where most of your guests are looking at their phones, rather than you walking down the aisle.
I normally recommend that you consider an unplugged ceremony if you wish to see your guests faces, and not their devices.
This will also have the added bonus of making you less nervous walking down the aisle. You get to see your friends and family smiling at you, rather than a bunch of phones all flashing at the same time.

Tip 7 : Umbrellas

Now this may seem like an odd tip for achieving great looking photos, but hear me out.
If the weather changes for the worst and rain starts pouring down on your ceremony or portrait session, it my be time to pull out an Umbrella. Try and make sure that you have a least one large, unbranded umbrella on standby. They can add a lot to a photo while keeping you nice and dry.


Tip 8 : Backdrops or Details

If you have a large budget you can afford to get amazing backdrops and beautiful details. But if you need to be a little wiser with your money, it is better to prioritize backdrops over details. Small details are great, and really add to the general feel of your wedding. But more often than not, they don’t add to the photos (apart from the close up photos of the details). If you were to invest in a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony or speeches then that would become a major part of the photos and could even make an area that looks ordinary, look extraordinary.

All photographs are taken by David Connaughton and are protected by copyright law. They may not be reproduced in any way without my permission.